The Sowing Seeds of Love Story 

A Note From Lindsey 


My name is Lindsey. I took a leap of faith into the unknown in 2010 when I moved to Guatemala to volunteer as a teacher to indigenous children. It was there that something sparked inside me. I was in love with providing resources, mentoring, educating and, most of all, I fell in love with the children I interacted with daily. I’ve always wanted to live a passionate life; I want to do what lights my soul on fire. With this drive I moved, to the Republic of Panama to create SSOL and Luna Blu Mar.  

I went to learn. To be changed. To break. To grow…all with the intention to provide opportunities for women and children to better their lives. In the last seven years, I’ve experienced the full spectrum of emotional highs and lows---

I believe we live in an incredible world, one where the beauty of change through the empowerment of others is possible. I want to continue doing my part to make it an even better place by empowering individuals around the world to be educated and learn life long trades. 

                                                  “I can do all things through Christ who strengths me” Philippians 4:13


Our goal simple put -


 In 2011, founder Lindsey Parry packed up her life into two 50lbs suitcases and headed out to follow her calling. She moved to the country of Panama with the intention to increase her understanding of the local culture, advance her Spanish speaking, build relationships and establish credibility within the community. All of this helped to create the perfect foundation to move forward with the seed of an idea that God had planted on her heart---to launch a non-profit that gave individuals the opportunity to be educated.

What started out as two educational classes and a reading program at the local orphanage has turned into something much greater.

It has given the women and children a zeal for life. Lindsey’s vision was much more than to show up and teach classes. She has a love that is infectious for these women and children. They are her family and she is constantly coming up with ways to uplift and empower each of them in their personal walk of life. 

SSOL and Lindsey have been blessed with an incredible support team, family/friends, volunteers and mission groups that come from all around the world. She readily acknowledges, We wouldn't be where we are today without the love and generosity of everyone involved. 
SSOL has long-term and full time volunteers that run our programs at both orphanages. 

We've also had the opportunity to work with a number of volunteer and mission groups from around the globe to build, paint, and create a loving and happy atmosphere for the people of Panama. 
Our groups have re-painted the orphanages, built a separate dormitory for the teenage moms of Casa Hogar Trisker, outfitted a new kitchen at the orphanage, built an obstacle course, installed bookshelves and cabinets, and built a black top for kids to play at the orphanage. These are just a few of the things God has blessed us with providing for these women and children. Best friend, board member and faithful SSOL supporter Shanna Covey said 

“Each time I visit the projects in Panama, the children’s response to Lindsey’s arrival never ceases to amaze me. When we head to Casa Hogar Trisker, the local orphanage, the children run towards the main entrance screaming ‘Lindsey, Lindsey, Lindsey!’ anxiously awaiting her entrance to the facility and when we pull up to one of the local projects, the kids surround her jeep screaming ‘Lindsey, Lindsey, Lindsey!’ before we have a chance to get out…no matter where we show up, the kids cannot wait to see and interact with her. Her love for them and their love for her are evident…and beautiful…and absolutely why SSOL is making such a big difference in these communities.” 

Currently SSOL supports two orphanages, Casa Hogar Trisker (young boys and girls) and Arturo Miro (all boys ages 12 and up). We provide educational classes taught in Spanish, English classes and sewing programs.

We also contribute our time and finances to bettering each of the orphanages through construction projects, painting, building libraries, dormitories and providing furniture.

*SSOL is a 501c3 non-profit based in Florida, serving in the country of Panama. We are blessed to have an incredibly supportive board of directors.